Straight knives

Übersicht der Langmesser
Straight knives overview

We provide form and flat blades for almost all manufacturing industries. So our products are i.a. In the various industrial applications of textile, rubber, paper, food and plastic industries. Furthermore, our custom-made knives are used in applications in the packing industry and in the manufacture of corrugated paperboard.

Shear blades, scraper blades and doctor blades

Scraper or doctor blades are each customized creations for each required structural size of our customers. For individual quotations, we need a detailed drawing or a workpiece pattern.

Long knives slotted
Massive shear blades to 3900mm in length can be manufactured by us and also sharpened to restore the original geometry wading and eliminate the accumulated work traces in the workpiece.

Extrem langes Langmesser
Straight knife extremly long

Perforating and counter knives

We supply blades for linear cross-perforation and circular-perforation in the following models:

made of bi-metal spring stell / 1.3343 – CK 101 C75 1.2379

For all straight-/long-knives, produced in large dimensions, we provide a re-sharpening service if required.

Ice knife
Langmesser mit Nut
Long knife with nut

Circular knives for industries, such as:

Top knife
Rotor knife